Monday, November 23, 2015


Fuck, what an incredible pair of legs and encased in cock hardening, spunk shooting stockings! Astrid is certainly finding leggy models for her website, and I'm not complaining, such a great pleasure to stroke over and shoot, again and again! 


  1. Wow Sadie your legs look so strong I wish I was in your bedroom with you. You would eat me alive.I would be crying to get out and I would hope you would then just turn nasty on me by wrapping your legs round my waist very tight then wrapping your stockings round my neck.I would love that.

  2. Sadie just looking at your pics and I wish you would just get hold of my younger brother in a cage fight and just rip him apart I would be out side the cage just watching you and him fight. I would make sure the door was locked so he could not get out then when I seen him cry and him saying tell her to stop. I would say Sadie please turn nasty with him wrap your legs round his neck punch him in his face wrap your tights round his neck.that would be so good to see

    1. Hi my name is Ashley rider and I was just reading the blogs on this page I would love to get your younger brother in a cage fight with me and lock the doors so he can't get out. I would start by punching him in his face till he started to cry. Then I would turn nasty with him I would get my finger nails and stick them right in his face. When I had filled him in and he could not stand any more. I would put him down on his knees and pull his head back and put my leg over his neck so his head was between my thighs then I would tighten my thighs together I would then pull NY black skirt over his head so his head was up my skirt or would here him cry but I would keep his head up my skirt and smoother him oh yes yes yes.