Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Love these shots of Jody, all showing her legs in the air, her straight seamed stockings and the fine detail of her stocking heel. My cock is mega hard just waiting to shoot a big load for her, again and again, would love to have her stockings to hand as well, a fabulous wanking session or ten! As for that ass, peachy!


  1. I now know how to get the large size photos so hope there is an increased wanking pleasure, as a result!

  2. Great Job, nothing better than getting a fuller screen and a closer look at ALL the details. You know by now I'm a legs in the air kinda guy and this is perfect.Rock hard and ready, better cover the keyboard, will get messy!!! Oh, and she is very pretty and sexy, love her eyes too!!

  3. Oh yeah ! Definitely worth a good load