Saturday, August 16, 2014


More of the delectable Charley, in a killer pair of black nylons, which she then proceeds to start taking off, stocking wanking dreams are made of this!!


  1. Been going over the back pages and found some really hot babes, Tina Grant, the hot Rose in different nylons but only one of a personal favorite Petra So/Lily S who is a nylon babe. Lots of great boner hardening pics to empty the ball sack.

  2. You really have been doing your homework, Rose posed for nylonsnylons and nylon stockings online but I've never seen her model anywhere else and alas in such situations I believe she is an amateur just earning a little extra money, modelling. Jenny is another HOT model seen on the same websites. Tina Grant of course has now retired but had a modelling career from 1998 to 2010, her photos can still be found on the internet and hard to believe she never did full nudity, but for all that was one of the most arousing women I've masturbated for! Your mention Petra/Lily is this the same model? I'll post some Tina Grant pics for you!

  3. Rose from nylonsnylons and nso is one of my fave stocking models. She is absolutely gorgeous. I shoot loads over her