Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Amber Jayne.

I re-discovered these fabulous photos of the delectable Amber on a CD I created quite a while back. She's one of my top five models at the moment, a body just made to wank over and when she puts on her stockings the spunk starts flying! There will more of the gorgeous long-legged Yasmin, as well.....


  1. Is she wearing stockings? I've not been able to take my eyes off that beautiful, delicious looking pussy. If God has made a tastier looking snatch then he is indeed miracle worker.

    My tongue would be looping round that clit like a Catherine wheel, she'd light my fire and I'd spurt like a roman candle*

    Bonfire Night - someone had to.

  2. Amber did five sets and video for Nylon Stocking Sluts a good while ago, mystified as to why she has not been back to them, she really is stunning, wish she did MORE stocking sets, her boobs and pussy are sensational!

  3. This is one hot babe! Love those RHT nylons on her. She is an immediate hard on and the stroking begins. Give us more Nick.

  4. There WILL be more of Amber, soon.