Friday, June 05, 2015


Well, I've managed to track down two more of the sets mentioned, so lets start the wanking!


  1. Nick, you are a star!
    Again, everything about her is just so damn hot and she is so very fuckable in these pictures too. Great start to the weekend!

  2. ALL the sets posted on NSO seem to be older material, but no complaints for all that, you do get THOSE repeat sets that have you spunking like a man possessed!!! Tina Grant always had that effect on me, I do miss her modelling!

  3. She's wonderful, isn't she? Definitely one of my top 5 NN/NSO girls of all time. I think what I like most is the evident pleasure she gets from showing off her stockings, and her tits, so that we can wank ourselves stupid over her. There's a great picture in this set where she drops her dress to the floor with a look as if to say, "Ta-dah! Here are my tits, boys! What do you think of them?" I love the multi-strap suspenders in this set, too.